The Awakening

Fests are times of enjoyment and entertainment that relieve one of the stress and monotony of everyday life. NIT Rourkela boasts of five such fests every year, which allow the students to showcase their talents in various domains. The final and the most anticipated among these is the International Students’ Meet (ISM). ISM is unique in the sense that it has the elements of all the other fests – cultural, technical and sports and also allows for the interaction with foreign students from all over the world

ISM 2k15 had over a hundred foreign participants from places far and wide, from thirteen countries in total, right from our neighbors Afghanistan to the other side of the planet, Colombia. But even with the decent foreign participation, ISM 2k15 had seen a few events being delayed and cancelled due to the comparatively low home participation than previous years. The main reason behind this was the fact that the greater fraction of the NITR junta chose to celebrate the Holi weekend at home instead. Also, the organizers had a matter of weeks as opposed to the preparatory time of a few months in the previous years. But even with the limited resources and time, the organizing team had managed to put up a show that the future batches will draw inspiration from.

This time for ISM 2k16, with approximately two months to go, the Force, in the form of the creative and technical minds, has awakened in pursuit to make ISM 2k16 NITR’s best fest ever!


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