It’s time that you take sides


International Students Meet as it is known, hosted by the ever glowing NIT Rourkela, has served as a platform for the students across the globe to interact with NITRians, sharing cultural insights and technological advances as well as competing to prove their might. Over the years, ISM has grown its fame and students from various countries are participating in the 3 day extravaganza to promote their culture. The Meet is a confluence of students from numerous countries and different continents representing different civilizations and lifestyles!  It widens the horizon of opportunities for scholars and invoke the idea that territorial boundaries cannot limit the spread and exchange of knowledge.

ISM 2k16,  scheduled on 11-13th March this year is one of the most awaited events, is going to be organised around the theme of Star Wars.

When the Republic is under demolition and the republicans are getting ready for the greatest civil wars, it’s time that everyone choose their sides. You would need to decide whether you will be fighting for the light side of the Jedi knights or would you be igniting the Dark Side of the force within yourself being a Sith lord. It all finals down to the side of the force you are on. The 3 day battle would experience republicans from various galaxies competing in variety of battles to show the might of their side of the force. We here at NIT Rourkela are waiting for a whole new battle of the forces. You can be the Anakin Skywalker who restores the balance to the force in the NITR trilogy. With you, the old prophecy is  as said by Master Yoda. Choose your side wisely.

May the force be with you!!!


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